Affiliate Program

The affiliate program at Red Stag Casino is quite unique. Deck Media is one of the top US Casino Affiliate Programs, and you can initially earn 25% of all revenue that is generated by players who join Red Stag Casino. However, that percentage is quite low so it is up to you to contact Deck Media and request up to a 40% revenue share. The onus is on you to give online players the exposure to, and the most up to date information about, Red Stag Casino. Deck Media is an affiliate for some of the best US online casinos. Therefore, become a Deck Media affiliate and start earning top revenues for Red Stag Casino as well as other top US casinos under the Deck Media flag.

How is Payment Made?

Once you reach $1000 in revenue, you can request payment via Bank Wire transfer. But, if you have not yet reached the $1000 revenue point, you have two options: you can roll it over until you do reach the payout point or you can receive payment for a $50 free.