Beach Party Slots: Earnings in the Sunshine

If there is an online slot game out there, which can put you in the mood for the beach in the middle of a hot summer day, this is it. Everything from the girls and the boys, the beach, the blue horizon to the palm trees looks great. Beach Party Slots features terrific animation, an all-around gorgeous look and colors and a gameplay that has layers of fun while providing numerous opportunities to bump up the numbers in your bank account. The game has 10 paylines and 5 reels, indicating that players who are not so much into big risks will have a lot of fun. It’s a game that fully emphases relaxation. If you want to calm down, you have a lot of ways to do it with Beach Party Slots-either look at the gorgeous beach landscape or just spin the reels without the pressure of a critically big gamble.

Symbols of the Party

The symbols in this game look quite big but then again every visual element in the game does-the ladies in particular stand out a lot. You will recognize the commonly appearing letter and number symbols, exotic drinks symbols, a dartboard icon, gorgeous dancing girls, who are ready to embrace the sunshine and others. The wild symbol of the game has the regular ability of filling in the blanks of incomplete winning combination in order to deliver more earnings to the gamblers. The only symbol that the wild won’t be able to replace is the game’s scatter, which can activate the free spin option of Beach Party Slots. Receive three of the scatter symbols and 15 free spins will be rewarded when the free games bonus round is initiated. After it’s over, players can always restart the free spins bonus by getting three more scatter symbols. The free spins will increase the total payout three times.

Hot Beach Bonuses

One of the bonuses in Beach Party Slots is the extremely difficult to resist gamble option but then again most features in this slot are tough to miss out on. You will be able to apply this gamble option after every spin and try to double the earnings of that spin but you have to be aware that if the gamble come out the wrong way, you will lose the earnings of that spin entirely.

This is one hot game in every sense of the world-everything here can heat you up in the best way possible-the visual design, the symbols, the images in the background and the awards and at the same time provide you with a sense of tranquility: in deed a very rare and precious combination for the gambling world.