California Gold Slots

California Gold Slots doesn’t have a particularly original theme-digging for gold in mines, deep underneath the earth with a wicked smile on your face (just like the one of the main character) as you are expecting the big bucks to start flowing, which will happen one way or another. The gameplay of California Gold is special in most ways you can think of-there is a superb jackpot, special symbols, bonus games and more available on the 5 reels and 25 paylines. The minimum bet is set at 1 cent for a payline and the biggest one can be 10 dollars. The total bets are respectively 25 cents and the roof is 250 dollars.

The Deepest Symbols of California

The wild of the game is the Gold Miner, who owns that ridiculous smile mentioned in the previous paragraph and a big chunk of gold in his fingers which fully justifies the look on his face. The symbol will make an appearance on the second, the third and the fourth reel alone. His inclusion in a winning combination will multiply the bet by two. The happy toothless miner is also able to unlock the game’s bonus round-the player just needs to collect three wilds. The scatter is the Gold Nugget itself-without the big chunk of gold there won’t be a happy wild miner and that’s why the scatter here is perfectly chosen and therefore irreplaceable by the Gold Miner. The scatter can initiate a bonus feature of its own-the free games round. When the scatter forms winning combination involving it and matching symbols, the prize it brings can be as high as a multiplier of 100 on the bet and the smallest one can be 2. Other symbols that can dive in the dark alongside you are the prospector symbol, the mines symbol, a maps one, a donkeys one, a dynamites one, the lamp, the barrel and the sneaky thief. Theoretically speaking, the highest paid symbol is undoubtedly the Sneaky Thief, which pays 5000 coins for its five-symbol combination even though the scatter or the wild perhaps will eventually bring you more profits in the long run through their effects and bonus games-that combination is rare for sure. The mine symbol comes right after in the table with 500 coins for its five-symbol combo. It’s a bit of a dive-the second highest paid symbol’s biggest award is 10 times smaller than that of the first but you can be sure it’s something you will roll with. The donkey and the gold-cart give 200 coins for 5 of them each, the stick of dynamite and the prospector pay 150 coins for the same deal, the map and the lamp deliver 150 and the barrel-100.

The Comforts of California Mines

There are two main extras in those generally deep and dark but illuminated by profits mines. The first one is the scatter-connected Free Spins option, which will provide the gambler with 10 free games. Every single free spin will multiply the eventual payout three times. Naturally, with the arrival of a new triple scatter symbol combination you will receive another 10 free spins, including (don’t forget) the payout of the combination itself. The main bonus game that can be started through the Wild miner symbol will take the player to a new screen, where four mines can be seen. The trick is to select the most profitable one. Whichever he or she chooses, there will be solid rewards down the hole, all of which will be added at the end of the level.

If you are a devoted, long-term online gambler you will know there isn’t much more you can ask for from California Gold slots-it might be an averagely looking slot but it has the classic ingredients for a wholly satisfying gambling experience.