Empire of Riches Slots

This slot notion is no cliché. Indeed, your personal gaming empire awaits with Dragon Gaming’s storming slot game, Empire Of Riches. Empire Of Riches delivers all the glamour and mysticism of the much beloved Asian genre, and then some including a golden free spins round.

Empire Of Riches Is A Joy To Behold

The Asian genre continues to bespell and prove a much lucrative slot destination for a global audience. As a result, it is common to feature gorgeous graphics and epic soundtracks in these games. This is the case and more when it comes to Empire Of Riches, a terrific five-reel game where you can get more than your feel of Asian culture, a captivating soundtrack, and the chance to build your mini-empire with what the game has to offer along with the bonus rounds.

When you get past the mesmerizing visuals, Empire Of Riches is a rock-solid game that comes with 57 glamourous pay lines. The solid pay line system is to help you take full command of the 57 pay lines. Empire Of Riches doesn’t stop you from getting swooped up in the gaming magic by gambling on the whole 57 pay lines. If you do so, be prepared to place the maximum bet of $90 in most cases. Of course, Empire Of Riches gives you the option to work your gaming magic on lesser pay lines. Empire Of Riches also affords you the luxury of managing your coin bets.

Empire Of Riches Delivers The Winning Paytable

Empire Of Riches isn’t short of winning icons. In a unique twist, Empire Of Riches doesn’t feature a traditional wild symbol, but that doesn’t mean you are lacking in any way of winning. In fact, any winning combination affords you the luxury of the re-spins feature. The re-spins feature has the winning symbols locked in place while the other reels are spun on your behalf. Should you notch additional victories during the re-spin mode, the re-spins keep coming your way.

Empire Of Riches also boasts the free spins round. The golden frog gains you entry into this round when you get at least three of him to fall on the pay line. The Empire Of Riches free spins round starts you off with five free spins where you can swiftly earn up to a ten-time winning multiplier for your gaming effort.