Gladiators Gold Slots: Hail Big Wins

Gladiators Gold Slots is an online game for those of you whose hobbies include watching sword and sandal films and awesome gladiator fights apart from online gambling thrills. If you are brave enough to venture into the arena alongside the brave warrior who is visible on the screens you will be able to reap rich rewards and earn your freedom to collect a big prize. Gladiator's Gold has 3 reels and 3 paylines. .

Symbols of the Arena

Before you shout a greeting to the Caesar along with the other gladiators in the arena, you need to familiarize yourself with the main symbols. In contrary to your expectations, there aren't really any gladiator themed icons in the game but it doesn't really matter in the end: they will assist you in your pursuit of fortune just as well. There are single, double and triple bars and a gold and a red seven. If you get three of the red sevens it will increase your stake 4000 times and as you can probably guess a possible win will certainly be humongous at least. Three of the mixed bars award the player by increasing his stake five times. Three mixed seven multiply the stake 75 times.

Be the Arena's Champion

Your bet can be as low as 25 cents and as high as 15 dollars. As far as the coins are concerned the bet is anything between 25 cents and 5 dollars. A smart choice for a player in Gladiators Gold slots is to play with all the three lines. This is the only way the maximum stake with the multiplier of 4000 can be won. The smallest award available can be received for 3 bar symbols. Specific combinations are applicable if the player wishes to multiply his earnings. For instance, if three single bar icons arrive on a single payline the reward will be 10 coins. Three double bar symbols will be 20 and three triple bar symbols will be 50. 75 coins will be given to you if you get three 7 symbols. The highest prize is accomplishable by scoring three gold 7 symbols and it amounts to 150 coins. In order of course to win the crowd fully and gain the emperor's eternal recognition in the gladiatorial arena you have to get the jackpot. Getting the biggest possible jackpot in Gladiators Gold is kind of tricky. Firstly, the player needs to land three of the roman red 7 symbols. However, every payline will bring you a different jackpot. The first payline will deliver you 1000 coins, the second-2000 and the third one-4000. If you do get the jackpot and your bet is the maximum amount of 5 dollars you might just collect 20 000 dollars. How is that for winning your freedom after a good gladiator fight?

Sharpen Your Sword

Gladiators Gold Slots is a simple and rewarding experience. Make your move, defeat the odds and grab the rich awards that await the very boldest of players.