Green Meanies: Alien Money

A ludicrously entertaining, space-themed online slot game with five reels and 25 paylines, Green Meanies is superbly animated and stuffed with numerous surprises for its potential players. Come aboard the spaceship of endless earnings with those surprisingly generous (financially speaking) alien invaders and make your way towards the spectacular 5000-coin jackpot.

Laws of Alien Gambling

The coin sizes of the intergalactic creatures fluctuate between a single cent and 10 dollars. The bet can be anything between 1 cent and 250 dollars per a game. The symbols are working in a left to right direction. The only exception is the Scatter Hostage, which has been given permission by the five-eyed creatures to appear wherever it wants on the reels.

Symbols of the Meanies

The symbols of the game may look scary and weird but their abilities more than make up for it. The wild symbol of the game is the Green Meanie. You can expect it to show up on the second and the fourth reel. It has the ability to replace all the other symbols with the exception of the Hostage symbol, which works as the scatter icon. Every time the wild Green Meanie shows up on both its reels at the same spin, the re-spin function will be initiated and the player will receive five re-spins. These aliens might bring a lot of profit for players but their evil side shows up when you witness the icon of the scatter symbol-a Shrieking Hostage. If you get two of those symbols anywhere on your reels your bet will be automatically doubled. You need at least three hostages in order to increase the winning combination’s amount. Three hostages will deliver 5 coins. If players get three hostages, he or she will be granted 20 coins. Five hostages grant the player additional 100 coins. They appear everywhere and are functional in any position on the reels. Other notable symbols that represent the aliens’ spectacular world are the broken planets and their warped equipment. The most intriguing thing the aliens brought with them is a strange Plant Egg which works as the special jackpot symbol in a way because if you get five from this symbol on a pay-line you will get the desired jackpot of 5000 coins.

Enter the Profitable Alien Battle

Fighting off enemy aliens has never been this fun and you would be surprised just what kind of awards and pleasant thrills you can receive if you participate in the successful defense of your beloved Earth from these scary monsters.