Haunted Reels Slots

A simple game with a terrific Halloween atmosphere and a genuinely creepy background, displaying a nightmarish night, filled with bats, dark castles, full moons, giant spiders and an extremely frightening witch with a broomstick, Haunted Reels is much more than your usual classically set up 3 reels, 1 payline slot since it provides a bonus game. The game offers a maximum number of three bet coins and a coin value that ranges from 1 cent to 10 dollars.

Haunted Paytable

There are seven symbols that can appear on the reels and six of those provide payout amounts. Be aware that even though there are three-coin bet options, the symbols provide payouts mostly just for the case of one bet coin and two bet coins. Three bet coins, however allow the player to get the very best out of the game, which is the wild Witch's jackpot prize payout and the bonus game. At the bottom of the table is the Halloween treats symbol. Any one of those symbols on an active payline will pay 2 coins for single bet credit. Any two of the treats symbols will provide players with 5 coins per one bet coin. The next combination is any three BAR-kind of symbols and it pays the same amount as the any two-treat symbol combination. Three of the Halloween Treats will pay 10 coins for a single bet coin. Next up are the three BAR symbols. There are the single white BAR-s, the double green BAR-s and the triple yellow BAR-s. Three of the single BAR-s pay 10 coins for a single credit bet. The triple double BAR-s combination pays 25 and 50 coins for its 1 and 2 credit bets respectively. Three of the triple BAR-s deliver 40 coins for one bet coin. Then, there is the Gravestone symbol, which pays 80 coins and 160 coins for the first credit bet and the second credit bet. The payouts of the triple wild Witch combination are 800 coins for a single coin bet, 1600 coins for a double coin bet and the biggest payout of the game-2400 coins in the case of three bet credits. Furthermore, the wild Witch has the ability to replace the rest of the symbols in the game to form possible winning combinations and every time that happens, the payout will be doubled. Two wilds completing a combination will multiply the eventual winnings by four. The only symbol that doesn't provide players with a direct payout is the Pumpkin bonus symbol, which initiates the bonus game when it shows up on the reels during a three credit bet spin.

Haunted Reels is well worth your time if you are looking for quick, efficient gambling thrills, which give you the freedom to both risk big and play safe and even offer one or two surprises here and there.