Jester’s Jackpot: Big Super Awards

With an atmosphere of an actual expensively looking and lavish casino, Jester’s Jackpot is quite capable of filling your pockets with money solely through its five paylines and three reels. The cherry on top of the cake in this slot game is a 50 000 jackpot and you are encouraged to go for the big win at least once per game. Coins carry an amount that can be as small as 1 cent and as big as 40 dollars. The minimal bet is set at 20 cents and the maximum is 40 dollars. The game features no multiplier extras and there are no available free spins. As mentioned above there is, however, a big fat jackpot for players to get their hands on and some remarkable wild symbol combinations that can be extremely profitable.

Jester’s Symbols

The wild symbol s in Jester’s place is the golden joker and when it comes down to the base game it has the ability to replace all the rest of the symbols. This is the symbol which can bring you the giant jackpot in the super-stage of the game. If you get it in all three reels, the super jackpot will be yours.

The Big Jackpot Game

In order to be able to make that long shot you need to fulfill the requirements and gather over 100 coins. You have to have enough so that you can afford to bet 100 coins per a spin. It takes a while but it is more than worth it, when such a gigantic prize is at stake. Make sure you play with big numbers because that is the fastest way for you to get the precious shot at the big award. Basically you have two clear options either of which will turn your Jester’s Jackpot game into a successful one. First, you can either just claim all your earnings or you can save them until you win the necessary points so that you can go for the Jackpot. Calculations have estimated that the value of the return to player rate is 95 percent and that is at the normal game of Jester’s Jackpot. If we are talking about the jackpot winning section of the game, then you are extremely likely to win something. Winning the biggest prize possible however is a different matter and you will definitely need luck to become the ultimate winner.

No Bad Choices at Jester’s

It’s not your usual online gambling game and this is why you will probably love it. Players in it have a limited number of choices but all of them will make them very happy.