Jolly Harbor: A Newcomer’s Delight

A 5-line, 5-reel slot game for gambling fans of all kinds, Jolly Harbor is quite capable of making your day with its superb offers and engaging rules. The game has adopted the popular ocean adventure atmosphere so you can expect to be overwhelmed by all manner of living creatures from the friendly underwater world. Admittedly, this is a game that will appeal mostly to first-timers but regardless of the player’s experience, the game’s entertainment values are high enough for everyone.

Surprises at the Harbor of Happiness

Jolly Harbor provides players with much more than an above average chance to acquire financial profits. The reason for that is the fact that you can play and score with multiple paylines-something that is uncommon for most online slots. The jackpot of Jolly Harbor is quite spectacular and can go as high as 100 000 dollars in the best case scenario. Like it or not, you have to admit this is not a bad reward for first time players.

Rules of the Harbor

The minimal bet is 1 cent and it is advisable to raise it to 10 dollars so you can try to snatch the biggest award possible: it all depends on how lucky you feel you are. The thing is that unless you start betting with big numbers, you won’t get close to the revered jackpot award. The maximum bet you can make per a single spin is set at 50 dollars. There are five symbols in this slot, some of which are the Stingray, the Life Preserver, the Candy Lolly, the Anchor, the Angelfish, the Wheel and others, all beautifully drawn and distinctive. A special VIP symbol is also included in the list of awarding symbols. It is actually the most important one of them all because you can only get your hands on the jackpot if you get five of this symbol on a single payline. Another rare thing about this slot game is that it comes with the so-called skill stop feature. Through it you basically switch the slot into an autopilot mode in a way so that it automatically chooses the number of coins with which the next spin will be played and you can set stop the process at a time of your choosing.

The Jolly Harbor is Open to Everyone

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