Lucky Golden Joker Slots

Fresh off the presses from Dragon Gaming, we have the talk of the town right here waiting for you in the Red Stag Casino Online mobile library. This new addition to the prodigious cachet of table games, video Slots, Classic Slots, and specialty games is a potentially rewarding experience. It's got the usual 3 by 3 gameboard setup with fruit and bar symbols indicative of Classic Slots, as well as scatter symbols that deliver free spins in certain combinations, and Wild symbols that substitute for your winning benefit.

In particular, the fourth reel can serve as a boon to your overall game. The crisply-rendered Joker clown invites you to get a hold of the Bar combinations, the Purple Grape symbol combinations, the Gold Coins combinations and the Poker Card combinations to see if you can trigger this fourth reel. If, indeed, a winning combination happens to cross your path, it will bring along with a torrent of good tidings: extra matching symbols geared towards winning the big prize, multiplier factors in extra substitute symbols. The center reel is where it's all at – if the symbols land on this one, then you've unlocked the huge prize. The Jester will be watching carefully as you navigate the multitude of possibilities that can lead to good-to-great wins.

Unlocking the Possibilities in Lucky Golden Joker Slots

This festive golden world of court Jester's and casino tokens is unmistakably geared towards the real-money player. Which is not to say that you cannot take Lucky Golden Joker for spin in the Flash demo mode – you most certainly can, as long as your browser supports Adobe Flash. Download Chrome or Firefox to your mobile device in order to start playing. If you do indeed choose to download the casino software for a chance at prizes and cash, then it is imperative that you keep an eye on the fourth reel. This is the one responsible for the huge payouts that have been reported by players. Landing the right symbols in the right combinations is the key to successfully acquiring free spins and multipliers that improve your chances of winning the big pot dramatically. Here's a short breakdown of the most salient aspects of Lucky Golden Joker Pokies:

  • The fourth reel unleashes extra symbols, multipliers, substitute symbols and other positive elements that are geared towards helping you win.

  • The 5 pay lines are not active (which means that they stay in one place and can't be varied); the grid is a 3 by 3, and the Return to Player metric is valued at 95.11%.

  • Any of the available pay lines are eligible to be played; all you need is a matching combination, with the huge addition of the special bonus symbol showing up smack dab on the fourth reel in the center.

  • The Scatter symbol is responsible for activating free spins; it can also deliver and improve the size of the multipliers.

  • In the center of the fourth reel, you'll find opportunities to win the Jack in a Box attribute, the Joker Wilds symbol, or the Instant Wing feature – all special symbols.

  • All wins are awarded on the pay lines in the reading direction of left-to-right.

Saunter on in to Read Stack Online Casino – it's really easy, because it's located in cyberspace and is within reach of your fingers instantly. Being one of the first people to play Lucky Golden Joker Slots can potentially reap big dividends if you choose the real money route. There's no obligation, and you can stay as long as you like – download now.