Mah Jong Madness: Crazy Fun Money

Mah Jong Madness is an extravagantly looking online slot game with a very special Asian vibe, which has five reels and twenty-one paylines. The Mah Jong theme has been properly adopted in the game as most of the famous icons make an appearance in a beautifully drawn way. The game offer plenty of ways for players to increase their financial wealth and have fun while doing so.

Madness Fun

Coin values in the game vary from 1 cent to 10 dollars and you can come across 24 winning combinations on your way to emerging on a satisfying note from the game. With the 21 paylines you can just as well bet 21 coins at one go, so the largest bet can go as high as 210 dollars. You got nothing to lose and if you do win after such a wager it will truly be a triumph to remember. The game’s symbols include orchids, springs, dragons, bamboos, circles and others. The symbols work in a left-to-right direction and the tricky thing about this game is that your symbols have to be next to each other and start from the first reel or end on your last in order for them to work. There is a very special option incorporated in Mah Jong Madness, which provides the players with the special opportunity to grab a hold of 25 000 coins in a single spin. You can achieve that award by collecting five of the most precious symbol in the game, which is the green dragon, in a single payline with a maximum bet. Then there is the red dragon which can also give you 1000 coins if you collect five of its kind.

Mah Jong Tips

With Mah Jong Madness you should remember that you can make several bets on different paylines so after a single spin you can find yourself getting the goods out of several winning combinations at once. Again, make sure you play on all the lines because this way you will get the biggest rewards. That being said, the game is quite simple. All you need to pay attention to are the winning combination and the symbols that you are getting on the reels. There isn’t really a great number of bonus games and there aren’t any complex symbols with multiple effects. So if you are a fan of simple slots, with complex and impressive outlook, this might be exactly for you.

An Unusual Chinese Adventure

It might not be the most intricate slot game ever but it is definitely one of the most visually striking ones and the ease with which you can get your hands on big awards will win you over very quickly.