Make You Rich Slots

Think you know about Caishen, the god of wealth? Guess again. Dragon Gaming gets the nod, and the credit behind the sensational and instrumental Make You Rich, a cultural and fulfilling title. This game offers many cultures and ways to win, so let's jump into the thrilling and rewarding game details.

Going Inside the Fortune

Make You Rich is a modern-day tech marvel, but it maintains as a throwback to the glory days of slot titles. Coming in three reels and three pay lines, the stage is set for fantastic and thrilling game play all day and night long.

The action takes place in a quintessential medieval Chinese village. As you progress throughout the game, so does the ambiance with night and day time play. Make You Rich puts you in the driver's seat for thrilling gameplay, fun, and more.

Thanks to the pay line arrow system, you can control those three pay lines with precision. You can swiftly try to make your entire fortune at once by gambling on the full three pay lines, or you can try to place bets on smaller pay lines.

And when you finish that task, you can quickly and triumphantly make your bets through Make You Rich's coin button system. In this case, you can make a wide latitude of wagers, beginning as small as a nickel to fuller dollar amounts.

And how do you suggest you build your slot game fortune? Make You Rich lets you use the sophisticated autoplay mode to handle these wagers for you.

Discover Make You Rich's Paytable

Make You Rich is a treasure chest full of engaging and rewarding game symbols that pack your winning chest to the brim. Unfortunately, Make You Rich doesn't have an official wild symbol, but it more than makes up for this lacking feature, with Caishen blessing your wins by giving you 150 credits for three on the pay line.

Make You Rich adds to the winning fanfare with the bead holder. Three of these interesting artifact leads to 75 credits on the pay line. The golden and jade jewelry is a winning masterpiece, paying you fifty credits.

And make way for the three tickets because they reward winning efforts by paying you up to twenty-five credits for five of them on the reels. The firecrackers and the brush pay fifteen and five credits respectfully.

Make You Rich is also flexible about how you score a win. For example, hardcore gamers can notch a victory by horizontally and vertically.

Make You Rich's Bonuses

Make You Rich features an ingot collector mode in place of free spins. After winning in regular gameplay, an ingot goes into your collection. You will launch the mega re-spins feature if you get three consecutive wins. Here, the game icons become five-times winning multipliers.

Make You Rich features a 96% RTP, so you have plenty of ways of building your fortune. Basically, for every $100 you wager, you will get back $96.