Marvelous Marlins Slots: A Rare Catch

Here is a slot game, which doesn’t adopt the theme of some epic nautical adventure that will take you through dangers, pirates and treasure hunts but one that is merely about fishing. The game still looks beautiful with its sparkly background water and its gorgeous blue colors. In fact, the conventional 3 reel set up holds a fairly impressive number of surprises. The first one is the fact that there are 3 paylines, as opposed to the usual single payline in 3 reel slots. The paylines are activated at all times. The smallest coin size is 10 cents and the biggest one is 10 dollars. The maximum number of coins you can go with before a spin is 5. Here, the payouts are awarded for the most important symbol-and that is the swordfish Marlin, a detailed depiction of which is visible right under the reels. The Marlins don’t have to be aligned or participate in any winning combination whatsoever-they just have to swim ashore on the reels. Your earnings will rise and diminish depending on the position of the Marlin and the number of coins you are playing so obviously, players are advised to go with the maximum amount of 5 coins all the time and the maximum amount.

The Priceless Lonely Marlin

The swordfish isn’t the only sea inhabitant that can get caught up in the player’s net, which isn’t necessarily a good things since the only kind that will bring your profit is the Marlin. Either way, you can also expect to find on the reels octopus symbols, sharks and clown fish ones but, again, they are frankly speaking useless. It does sound bad for the imagination of the gameplay but you can also use that to your advantage. You can find the stop spin button of the game to be incredibly useful, since all you are aiming at is one single symbol and when you use that button, the reels will stop immediately, without a fraction of a second’s delay. If you are fast enough you can always use the stop spin option and always acquire earnings. As you can guess, it’s not so easy, otherwise this would’ve been the all-time favourite slot game. Depending on the payline, the Marlin will pay differently. On the top line the pay outs are 9, 18, 27, 36 and 45 coins for coin bets from 1 to 5 respectively. When it comes down to the middle payline, the rewards are 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 coins. And when the Marlin appears on the lowest placed and lowest paid payline, the gambler will get paid 1 coin per coin bet.

Obviously, Marvelous Marlins Slots is not a game about ambitious gamblers who want to experience various thrills that involve rich gameplay and surprises arriving from every corner. This slot is for those who seek something different, simple and quite unique in the genre.