Mega Money Mine

The virtual mine is always full of excitement and rewards with Wager Gaming Software’s Mega Money Mine Slots.

About Mega Money Mine Slots

This game is the classic three slot with a single pay line. The design is in the mode of a classic slot machine, complete with a pull crank on the side of the game screen. All the symbols in this vintage slot all reflect this mega money theme as well. While there are no wild symbols, scatter symbols or bonus rounds, there is a progressive jackpot that can be won after any spin. The amount of the jackpot won is determined by landing a trio of the game logo on the pay line in conjunction with the amount of coins wagered. If you wager one coin with a set of three of the game logos, you will win 15% of the jackpot. A two coin wager and getting three of these icons to land, will result in 30% of the jackpot. And if you wager the maximum of the three coins with a set of the three of the game logos, you will take home the whole entire jackpot. The second highest paying symbol is represented by the gold bars. The amount you win is determined by the amount of coins you wager with. A set of three of the gold bars with a one coin wager is good for 750 coins. That amount will double to 1,500 coins with a two coin wager, and the mighty sum of 2,250 coins will jingle your way, if you wagered the maximum. The third highest paying symbol is the blue seven. Its coin value range from 300, 600, and 900 respectively based on the coin wager amount. The other game symbols are diamonds, double bars, single bars, triple bars, and cherries. The cherries tend to hit with the most frequency, offering 15 coins, 30 coins, or 45 coins, with a single coin, two coins and the maximum coin wager, respectfully. The aim is to get three of a kind of an icon to land on the pay line. A single bar and a single seven will award a single credit. There is no auto play mode, so you will have to place all bets manually, by pressing either the single, double credit or max credit buttons. You can even pull the side crank for a single credit spin.