The Right Prize Slots: The Big Wheel of Fortune

Another highly entertaining slot game that has adopted a TV-show type of atmosphere, The Right Prize slots will deliver one pleasant surprise after another to its players through its 5 reels and 25 paylines. The game is proudly in possession of 4 different bonus rounds and the regular set of special symbols, including a wild and a scatter and last but not least (for sure) a jackpot that might pay anywhere between 2000 and 10 000 dollars. The coin sizes are in their usual range-starting at 1 cent and going as high as 10 dollars, creating a maximum bet of 250 dollars. The symbols in the game pay from left to right except for the scatter and bonus symbols.

Symbols of the Wheel

Altogether, it is a very “meta” concept for a slot game-it’s an online game involving the spinning of the reels that adopts the look of game in which a wheel is spinning. Both require the acquiring of specific icons in order for an earning to be made and in the case of the slot games we are talking about symbols and rest assured-they are many and they are profitable. The wild symbol is the colorful Right Prize sign. It has the ability to substitute the rest of the symbols and again, the exception is in the case of the bonus and scatter symbols. As far as the scatter symbol is concerned-it is the Door and you need just two of it on the reels in order to receive a payment. Furthermore, players will be able to initiate the free spins if they get three of the scatters. 10 free spins will be rewarded and with The Right Prize slots the earnings acquired throughout them will be multiplied by three. If you want to restart the free spins you will have to get your hands on new three scatters. The bonus symbol is the fate-determining Wheel and it can show up on the first, the third or the fifth reel exclusively. When three symbols show up on all three reels, the bonus round of the game will be initiated. Some of the other symbols of the game depict a Fanatic Crowd, beautiful Assistants, a smiling boss, a model, a jar of wax, the Contestants, their Name Tag, a Cruise and a Boat among other. So not only are there many bonus options-there are also a great number of useful symbols.

Four Different Extra “Right Prize”-s

That being said, it is undeniable that by far the most distinctive trait of The Right Prize Slots is its four bonus features. They are The Right Prize, the Spin to Win, the Chin Drop and the Pick a Prize. After the bonus stage has been entered after the appropriate number of bonus symbols have been acquired on the right reels, one of these four bonuses will be chosen to begin at a random principle. With The Right Prize bonus, players will have to choose between a car, a boat and a vacation. After the selection has been made and the award behind the choice has been revealed, the gambler will be able to use the Trade button to switch his prize for another one, which is hidden behind one of three doors. The second bonus is the Spin to Win. Obviously, it involves a Wheel which will be spun by a lovely lady. The Wheel will stop at a certain number which will function as a multiplier on the award that will be eventually granted. You can spin the Wheel three times. Bonus number 3 is the Chip Drop and is relatively straightforward-a chip will be dropped on a board and when it lands a reward will come. You can try again if you don’t like the initial award. The final bonus is the Pick a Prize. Players will have to pick one of ten prizes-you can keep the award or trade it. The bonuses are all similar and for good reason-regardless of which one randomly happens to appear, the player will emerge a winner but how much of a winner depends more on his personal choice and that counts for every aspect of this superb slot and with that many options, winning big time is most definitely a likely outcome.