Rise Of The Titans Slots

The gaming stage is set for a new breed of Titan rise with Rise Of The Titans, a terrific five-reel slot game by emerging slot game developer Dragon Gaming. Not to be confused with the epic cinematic franchise, Clash Of The Titans, Rise Of The Titans beats to its gaming drum with epic gameplay and generous wins.

Rise Of The Titans Is A True Sight To Behold

When Dragon Gaming develops a slot game, it puts its heart and soul behind it. Every detail in Rise Of The Titans encapsulates the body and spirit of a prime time Greek fest. The power behind this lies with the commanding twenty five pay lines. To help you take charge like a Greek God, Rise Of The Titans provides you with a robust pay line system where you can swiftly handle that and more.

You can shrewdly experience the full Zeus thunderbolt by wagering the entire 25 pay lines, or you can play with caution and seek the God's favor by wagering on lesser pay lines. The power and the choice are in your capable hands. When you get finished seeking the Greek God's favor, the next order of business is to declare how you want to manage the precise coin bet playing Rise Of The Titans. Rise Of The Titans makes this process simple and a breeze through the user-friendly coin button system.

Rise Of The Titans Delivers The Paytable Goodness

Rise Of The Titans makes its mark with rewarding and lucrative icons in its gorgeous paytable. Zeus lords and masters in this dynamic game, beginning with his golden crest as the official wild symbol. This magnificent jewel doubles winning combinations and provides an extra winning impact when a group of them lands on the reels.

Rise Of The Titans envelops you further with a captivating power meter feature. Here's how it works. The power meter grows incrementally when you score a regular Rise Of The Titans win. When the power meter is complete, the free spins round is triggered, full of winning wrath.

The wrath of the gods makes its mark with the power meter full for truly epic winning power. Rise Of The Titans requires a trifecta of the bonus symbol to launch the free spins round in the first place. If you manage to get five, you'll feast on the 21 free spins.