Saiyan Warriors Slots

The time has come to strap on your virtual armor and game for glory with Dragon Gaming's epic Saiyan Warriors slot game. Saiyan Warriors is an action-packed game that plays out over ten pay lines under your control.

There's Plenty Of Fire Power In Saiyan Warriors

Saiyan Warriors lays it all on the line from start to finish. This game plays out like a big-time Japanese anime cartoon. If you grew up watching hit cartoon shows like Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon, you might feel right at home playing Saiyan Warriors because the game flow follows the same pattern. The power is in your hands to spin the reels as you need to. Saiyan Warriors gives you a vigorous pay line system where you can swiftly command all ten pay lines at once, or you can maneuver through lesser pay lines. The next move is to determine how much you wish to wager on the pay lines. That's where the coin button system comes into play.

Introducing The Pay Table

Saiyan Warriors stays true to the Dragon Ball Z theme. The top game symbols strongly resemble those from the Dragon Ball Z franchise, such as Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza, to name a few. There is Shennon that constitutes the wild symbol in Saiyan Warriors. A single one of these elegant wild doubles winning combinations, but the more they fall, the more significant the winning impact. The playing card symbols, tens through aces, help round out the remaining icons for your winning pleasure.

Heading Into The Free Spins Round

It takes seven star balls to enter the vaulted free spins round in Saiyan Warriors. When you accomplish this feat, Shennon moves to a new screen to enhance your winning pleasure. When you get to the bustling free spins round, the next order of business is to choose one of the star balls to determine your free spins' fate. Your choices include the following:

  • Star Ball #1 – 20 free spins with a double winning multiplier
  • Star Ball #2 – 18 free spins with a triple winning multiplier
  • Star Ball #3 – 15 free spins with a quadruple winning multiplier
  • Star Ball #4 – 10 free spins with a five times winning multiplier
  • Star Ball #5 – 8 free spins along with a 6 times winning multiplier

The remaining options are 5 free spins and random free spins with a random winning multiplier.