Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots

The leaves are changing color and falling, and there is a turkey wearing a hat in the middle of the title. Well, how many turkeys have you seen wearing hats? Not many, we’re guessing, but this cartoon turkey shows how much fun you will have playing the Turkey Shoot slot game available today.

This game has a classic feel about it, and the design of the buttons you will use when playing bears this out. We’ll reveal what else awaits you in this game right here.

Reels and win lines

This game is as simple as it gets in this respect, with just three reels and one win line to look at.

Betting options to choose from

You get to choose one to three coins to play on the line, and the number you choose will affect the potential prize amounts on offer. You can also make each coin worth between one cent and ten dollars.

Turkey Shoot icons worth looking for

The big winner here is the 5x Turkey Shoot logo featuring the turkey. Three of these on the payline will win you 5,000, 10,000, or 15,000 coins depending on the number of coins you played.

Does the Turkey Shoot slot have any bonus features?

It does, and you may not have expected that. There is a x2 multiplier wild in this slot, and if you get two in a winning line, that is increased to x4. One 5x Turkey Shoot logo pays out, yep, 5x your bet. Meanwhile, the different icons can also multiply by each other, so you could get 10x your bet or even 25x your bet depending on the combo you get.

But that is not all – Turkey Shoot also has a bonus feature. Find the Bonus Turkey on the third reel and you get to play the Wild Turkey shoot bonus game for a chance to win up to 500 coins!

Download and play the fun and engaging Turkey Shoot slot today!

Considering this game is simple on the face of it, the Turkey Shoot slot provides way more gameplay and entertainment than you might think. If you are preparing for Thanksgiving or Christmas, and you want to enjoy some downtime, maybe the Turkey Shoot slot game will be the ideal way to do just that. Check out the turkey fun today and see how many multipliers you can benefit from.