The Wicked Witches Slots

Who says witches have to be nasty and ugly? Certainly not Dragon Gaming, the proud gaming developer of the slot sensation Wicked Witches. Wicked Witches offers many worthy gaming elements, but above all, it proudly carries the Halloween tradition.

What’s The Fuss About Wicked Witches?

Plenty. Not only is Wicked Witches a breathtakingly beautiful five-reel game, but the 27 pay line game is also highly interactive and immerses you into the charming and fastidious Halloween world. Wicked Witches’ game action occurs under the dark and star-filled night with the full moon in sight outside of the cemetery. Wicked Witches is so interactive that you observe the fireflies moving about the screen with the swaying lanterns.

Wicked Witches provides the player with everything they need to come on top and build a new set of Halloween memories. You can easily do so through the pay line arrow system if you desire to mold the 27 pay lines to meet your gaming whims. Here, the player has tremendous flexibility by wagering on the entire 27 pay lines, or you can meander as you see fit on lesser pay lines, including a single one.

Similarly, Wicked Witches gives the player the power to control the bets via the coin button system. The coin button system is robust and sophisticated enough to quickly maneuver and handle these bets to meet your gaming needs. And for further control, Wicked Witches provides an options button where you can swiftly do so.

Enjoy Wicked Witches’ Paytable

Wicked Witches revs up the gaming integrity with a sophisticated paytable that carries all the thrills and Halloween charm. The twisted pumpkin with the raven represents the wild symbol, which doubles your wins during regular game mode, but it pays extra dividends in the bonus round. Another note about the wild symbol is that it combines with a colossal symbol that provides additional wins. Wicked Witches delivers the extra Halloween thrills, with each witch serving as game symbols. The redhead witch shells out 500 credits, while the blonde pays out 200 credits.

Wicked Witches provides extra thrills with the free spins round. It requires at least three of the tombstones to set you up in the free spins round, where you begin with twelve free spins. The wild pumpkin gets wilder in the free spins round, where you can snag a seven times winning multiplier.