Wilderness Wins Slots

Indeed, there is power behind a name, and the right name is Wilderness Wins, an epic, nature-themed game by the budding slot game developer titan, Dragon Gaming. Wilderness Wins is a dynamic fiver-eel slate game that invites you to chill out during the game action.

Taking On The Winning Environment

Wilderness Wins puts you the player square in the middle of the grand wilderness, home of some of mother nature’s most delicate, and in this case, most lucrative creatures on the scene. To help put you in the middle of this virtual pack, Wilderness Wins also comes with a captivating soundtrack for that purpose. And to help you tackle the bustling fifty-seven pay lines, Wilderness Wins equips you with a robust pay line system to help you do just that.

The fantastic coin button system is accompanying the fantastic pay lines in Wilderness Wins. Wilderness Wins is quite generous with the number of wagers you can make, beginning with a penny but quickly swelling to three dollars. If you are thinking about running wild with the group, Wilderness Wins lets you easily handle this for a maximum bet of $90. Whether or not you desire the music to be on, or if you want to fine-tune the game aspects further, Wilderness Wins equips you with an options button.

Getting To Know These Fantastic Animals

Wilderness Wins features a fully loaded paytable. Wilderness Wins abandons the traditional slot game model with an established wild symbol for something a bit more lucrative. All of these fantastic Wilderness characters are eligible to vault you into the re-spin round. The winning animals remain on the reels, while the other reels are spun to add bonus wins. And yes, if you score additional victories during the re-spin mode, you can earn additional re-spins. The albino tiger leads the way with 150 credits while the bear drops in 100 credits. The goat chimes in with 70 credits for five on the reel.

The albino tiger with striking blue eyes, along with the black bear and the goat, grace the Wilderness Wins reels. The golden paw print is your ticket for extra nature bonus play. Wilderness Wins starts you off with five free spins, and you have the unique opportunity of garnering a ten-times-winning multiplier. The winning multiplier, in this case, increases with each re-spin that you earn during the free spins round.