Bluebeard’s Bounty: The Great Captain Rewards

You know a villain is great when he gets his very own slot game. This is the case of Bluebeard, a guy who has grabbed so much gold for himself through the years of his reign in the sea that he has enough wealth to hand out to every ambitious gambler who decides to play his slot-Bluebeard’s Bounty. The battery of the ship of the ferocious captain is in possession of 3 reels and a single payline. The crew allows for a maximum of three coins with sizes that vary from 1 cent to 10 dollars. A pirate’s life is a simple life and the game proves it-there is no wild symbol or bonus symbols or multipliers so this will be quite a straightforward and entertaining cruise unbound to too many rules, the pirate way.

Bluebeard’s Army

The army and arsenal of Bluebeard’s legendary vessel include a cannon, a parrot, bars, a seven, a combination of a skull and crossbones, a sword, cherries and there is also a special symbol that awards the game’s jackpot and that is the Bluebeards Bounty logo. The top prize which the feared captain has promised to give to his most distinguished crewmember is 1500 coins. There is also a reward for the runner up, which is estimated at 800 coins so that there is no dissension among the ranks. The jackpot logo symbol has also adopted the functions of the game’s scatter. Gamblers who successfully loot at least a single of the Bluebeard Bounty logo scatters will receive a payout at the end of the spin. The same thing applies for when there is a separate winning combination of other symbols on the reels. If you get a logo scatter symbol, you will receive some kind of an earning separately from any other prize. Based on the jackpot, the maximum sum of money you can bring to your bank after a game of pillaging and stealing under Bluebeard’s ruthless commands is 45 000 dollars. In order to acquire the beloved prize, you have to display as an evidence 3 of the jackpot symbols in front of the captain’s eyes. Furthermore, you will have to make a bet using the maximum amount of coins, which is 3 and also apply the biggest possible coin value. If you successfully fulfill those three requirements, you will gain the great sailor’s admiration and with it, his highest reward. If you are too afraid to meet Bluebeard in person or you don’t feel like risking the possibility of disappointing him, you can always try to play with the lowest number of coins and the lowest size, in which case three jackpot logo scatter symbols will deliver you just 45 dollars. So you can see there is a considerable difference in the form of 44,955 dollars between a shy type of play and a bold one.

You Didn’t Choose the Pirate’s Life, It Chose You

This is a very simple, if extremely visually enjoyable game, which has simple rules and a big memorable jackpot at the end of it, which you won’t be able to resist.