Progressive Jackpots

Most slot players love games that offer a progressive jackpot. If a game offers several of them, each bigger than the last, so much the better. Plenty of casinos have several progressive jackpot games available. Red Stag Casino is one of them, and their current progressive pot is worth well over $500,000. At the time of writing, it stood at $595,669 and 41 cents. Don’t forget those cents! Who knows whether a slice of that amount is about to drop in someone’s lap… There are lots of superb games offering a big prize to the lucky player who manages to access one of those jackpots too. Check out the full range of slot games in that section on the home page now. There is no need to log in (or sign up for an account) to do this. Instead, you can view the titles and see whether you would like to play. They have given every slot a ‘jackpot max’ value too. This means you can see how many thousands of dollars you could potentially win if you got lucky playing that game. This is useful for all the slots, even those that don’t include a progressive jackpot. If you click on the progressive jackpots message on the home page, you can then log in or sign up for an account. Following that, you can click into the progressive games section to find out which titles contribute to that massive sum mentioned above.