DG Club Slots

Not every day, you get an invitation to the hottest club in the slot game universe. But with Dragon Gaming, that's precisely what you get with DG Club, an engaging five-reel title that brings you the ultimate rave experience. There's much to get into the groove with DG Club Slots, so let's jump into the fascinating details.

Stepping onto the Dance Floor

DG Club Slots is a groovy five-reel game with nine pay lines. The action occurs directly inside an engaging night club with a happy DJ dancing around to get you into the beat. Under the strobe lights are all the gaming tools you need to win.

Thanks to the pay line arrows, you have complete command over the gaming DJ, so you can quickly gamble on the entire nine pay lines. Or, if you want to choose your beats more carefully, DG Club Slots permits you to do so by organizing lesser pay lines.

Setting up your coin value is the next move for making this club a night to remember. With this, you can determine each dance step by playing nickels or whole dollars based on your gaming ability and budget. And for extra control, DG Club Slots offers autoplay or manual mode to manage the gameplay.

Bust a Move with the Paytable

DG Club Slots offers a magnificent new world of dancing possibilities with four different rooms to play in. You begin the game in the House Music Room with the happy DG. The other gaming rooms include the R&B Music Room, EDM Music Room, and Anime Music Room. Each music room features its own winning multiplier to keep you in the gaming groove.

In a unique twist, your winning combination will put you into a different dance room. Speaking of twists, DG Club Slots offers more than its share of engaging paying icons. The dancing girl lights the reels blue by paying you 1200 credits for an entire row.

Also, the pink, blue, and yellow headphones rock the mike to the tune of 600, 400, and 300 credits. And you also have the high-value playing card numbers, ace through nine, to round out the remaining winning combinations. You can expect at least 80 credits for getting the lowest-ranking playing card numbers on the reels.

Welcome to the Encore

Again, DG Club Slots offers four unique playing rounds. To go through the rooms again, all you must do is score a winning combination. To get into the R&B room specifically, you must land at least three blue headphones. And in this room, you'll get a ten-times winning multiplier.

And when it comes to the EDM music room, it takes a trifecta of pink headphones that bring you thirty times winning multiplier. And for the anime music room, it takes three of the lively DJ to trigger this bonus round. And she saves the best for last with a 100 times winning multiplier.

DG Club Slots offers a unique re-spin mix. When you get the same high-value playing symbol on the first and fifth reels, those symbols are locked in place while the other reels are spun. Even better, the re-spins occur until the premium symbols leave.

Dragon Gaming takes musicals to new heights with the resounding DG Club Slots, a mobile-ready slot game that urges you to keep up with the beat. With a generous RTP of 96.01%, you can place those wagers and win to keep up with the beat.