Hero School: All for One Slots

Hero School: All For One is a captivating and electrifying slot game by the heralded gaming giant Dragon Gaming. If you are an avid aficionado of Japanese animation and comic books, you are sure to love Hero School.

Prepare To Soar To Victory

Hero School is an original concept and a five-reel slot game where you get a virtual education on becoming a superhero. Yes, you heard correctly on that. And to add extra credit to this power-packed ten reel game, you have the rare and unique opportunity to encounter other superheroes on the winning trail. Of course, many of these virtual superheroes already have superpowers while you endeavor to build yours. But you can only do this when you start spinning the reels, so let's get to it.

Hero School gives you all the necessary tools for all those who play it to fly. It is evident with a sophisticated pay line arrow system where you can quickly take command of the ten pay lines as you see fit. You can try to graduate all at once by wagering on the full twenty pay lines, or you can take your superhero studies more slowly by wagering on fewer pay lines. But, again, this is all up to you.

Once you've settled on the pay lines, the next order of business is determining how much of a wager you plan to make. This task is accomplished through the coin button system. The latitude of stakes starts as small as a dime, but it quickly grows to nine dollars.

Plenty Of Heroes In This Paytable

Hero School has no shortage of larger-than-life characters ready to spring into gaming action when they land on the pay lines. Hero School doesn't offer an official wild symbol, but there is no shortage of exciting game action around the corner. The main character trying to graduate to superhero status is Todoroki, who can turn wild during the free spins round. We will talk about that shortly. The rest of the gaming ensemble consists of a mix of super villains and other budding superheroes.

The Bonus Rounds Take Flight

Hero School is ready for action when a trio of the golden-haired superhero soars onto the pay lines. Here, the free spins round gets quite interesting with ten free spins, your pick of bonus features, and the particular quest.