Hurdy Gurdy Slots: Earn in the Countryside

Here is a slot game whose theme is not necessary connected to a rich lifestyle of glorious objects of beauty and power-its about farming, the countryside and its lovable, peaceful, gorgeously looking atmosphere. Hurdy Gurdy slots has five reels and twenty-five paylines.

The Countryside Symbols

With Hurdy Gurdy slots, you will have the Hurdy as your wild symbol-arguably the most attractive of all the images you will see throughout the game and for a good reason. The wild symbol can act as a replacement for every other symbol. The Hurdy (the blond girl) is the most profitable symbol in the game. If you are lucky enough to receive one beautiful blond girl in each of your reels she will be able to give you 7000 coins. In addition, Hurdy Gurdy will provide you with bonus levels and if you manage to get the five Hurdy combination then instead of 7000 you will receive 21 000 coins. The one other symbol that can’t be substituted is the scatter symbol which is the Milk Pail-a bucket filled with milk. If you get at least two Milk Pails on your reels you will be generously rewarded and your total earnings may be increased as much as 100 times. The scatter symbol naturally unlocks the essential bonus level as well. To do this you have to get three Milk Pails in the very least after a spin. Some of the other symbols you would be wise to watch out for include the Tulip Basket and a guy named Jahn. If you get a wild symbol (Hurdy), a Tulip Basket, and Jahn respectively on reels 2, 3 and 4 you are going to receive 15 free games.

The Countryside Bonus

Once you get the needed Milk Pail combination and open the bonus level you will see a cow with five buckets placed underneath it. The cow will be kicking the buckets. You will have to select three buckets and the cow will kick them thus revealing a hidden award hidden within each one. Some of the buckets hold bigger rewards than others so if you are lucky you will select the three buckets which guard the biggest possible prizes. Either way, you will be adding a very good sum to your overall earnings after you are done with Hurdy Gurdy’s bonus level.

Enter Hurdy Gurdy’s World

It’s not what one might expect from a slots betting game in terms of atmosphere and outlook but absolutely every surprise which Hurdy Gurdy will offer you is a good one and you will surely have a blast with it.