Lucky Lagoon Slots: The Big Bucks of the Lagoon

Lucky Lagoon Slots is a game with a simple background, which might disappoint the gamblers, who love their slots with fancy, gorgeously animated landscapes. There are other slot games with “Lagoon” in the title and there the surroundings of the reels and the reels themselves look better and more refreshing. However, what other games will have a difficult time matching is the size of the rewards in Lucky Lagoon. When it comes down to the gameplay, there are 5 reels and 5 paylines, a solid jackpot prize and some common symbols with the usual value and apart from that there is not much else to it: there are no special symbols, features or bonuses of any kind really. This is an undeniably simple slot gambling experience, which minimizes the number of surprises and excitement for the sake of the size of the possible earnings.

Lagoon Features

Each line in this game needs a single coin in order for a player to form a bet which means that the maximum amount of coins with which a player can participate in the game is 5. The biggest possible value of a coin goes as high as 10 dollars and the minimum is a single cent. So if you put together the maximum number of coins, which is 5 and the maximum value of a coin you will receive a 50 dollars’ maximum bet. The general rule that the lack of paylines creates bigger awards also applies with Lucky Lagoon slots. In a way, this fact also compensates the lack of diversity in the gameplay and the ways in which rewards can be won in general. The fewer paylines there are, the smaller are the chances for players to score a win so understandably the rewards are increased in size here. The top prize is 10,000 coins and if you add the maximum coin value it makes 100,000 dollars.

Symbols of the Lagoon

The symbols of Lucky Lagoon Slots are a dolphin, a butterfly, a surfer, a palm tree and an anchor. If any of these symbols match on the paylines, a payout will be provided to the gambler. Regardless, all of these aforementioned symbols pale in comparison to the Island Gold symbol. It is the one that can provide players with the jackpot award. Additionally, keep your eyes open about the Golden Dolphin because if five of these swim to the reels, they will give you 1500 coins.

The game is very simple in both its gameplay and appearance so it might not attract as many fans as other games but it still provides good opportunities for solid earnings.