Magic Monkey: Magic Money

A monkey-themed slot which is incredibly fun to experience, Magic Monkey will make you feel like the luckiest person online at the time of your game. The designers of the game promise its players a one-hundred percent assurance that the game will not lag and that all of them will have tremendous amount of enjoyment from the both the gameplay and the results. Magic Monkey has the classic 5-reel, 25 paylines model, offering a superior jackpot of 6000 coins. Coin sizes come in from 1 cent to 10 dollars and you can prepare yourself for lots of bonuses and extra as soon as you click “Play”.

Monkey’s Toys

Except being unusually entertaining himself, the main character of the slot game-the monkey also has some really fun toys to play with and they will be the symbols in the game. There is a dragon, a crystal ball, a book of magic secrets, and a special mystical green liquid. However, the most distinctive symbols in the game and for good reason, are the monkey itself and of course-the banana. The card symbols also make an appearance in the monkey’s array of toys. The wild symbol in the game is the Monkey itself and rightfully so. The Monkey is worthy enough to replace all the other symbols and can participate in every single winning combination in the game. The banana symbol, the monkey’s favorite meal and probably the main source of the magic, is that special artefact through which players can unlock the bonus round. The necessary ingredient for that spell, however are at least three of the bananas. If you get those into your cauldron you will get 20 free spins. Playing in the free spins is an even better experience because all your winning will be getting doubled. You can restart the free spin option over and over again for as long as you are lucky.

Monkey’s Awards

The high points of the party, which the monkey has set up for you are truly impressive. If you put your bets as high as possible you can end up with 3000 coins as a jackpot and if you double that through the positive effects the game provides you could make that 6000. The extra round in Magic Monkey Slots is a spin bonus feature.

Let the Magic Make You Rich

This monkey magician will be one of the best friends you will have on your online gambling journey and one of the most sympathetic and fun characters you will meet in a slot game and you two will have a great, extremely profitable time.