Monte Magic: Magic in the Game

The Monte Magic bonus slot represents a visually delightful mix of the thrill of earning money and the mystical, spellbinding atmosphere of a magician’s playground. The gorgeously drawn outlook of the machine as well as the ridiculously easy opportunities to grab plenty of money might just be enough to evoke in you the feeling that magic is indeed helping you. You will play and earn in a bold way and that’s the way it should be. This game will offer you one payline, 3 reels and a bonus game.

Magic Symbols

The wild symbol is the hat. As with plenty of magic tricks if you get the rabbit in the hat the magic will truly be at work and you will unlock the bonus game. Here, the wild symbol also has the ability to double the earnings of any spin. The more hats you get the more times you multiply what you’ve won by two and if you by any chance manage to get a rabbit in there, the situation will get even better. Then there is of course the magic wand which you should most definitely anticipate because it can trigger the bonus round as well if you get it in combination with the rabbit symbol. If you somehow manage to find yourself in possession of three magician’s hats you will receive a humongous reward. Three hats will also give you the opportunity to multiply your earning by the hundreds and even thousands.

Magic Rules and Bonuses

In order to active the bonus level you have to get the bonus symbol. You will then see 12 cards and you will have to choose one of them in a stirring sequence of guessing that will test not only your luck but also your memory. The card you select will determine how big your reward will be. You could go on to win as much as 24,000 dollars depending on your choice.

The minimum bet is 10 cents for one coin and the biggest one can be 30 dollars for one spin. With Monte Magic your best course of action is to bet all your three coins at the same time. In order to provide a better understanding of Monte Magic’s rules the developers have prepared for the players a simple and easy to understand paytable. A great comfort for players in Monte Magic is that the position of the winning symbols can be random in the three reels. If the symbols are there, the money will be in your pocket soon enough too.

To Sum up

Play Monte Magic as soon as you can. If you are a fan you will appreciate its simplicity and the unrealistically easy opportunities to win in grand proportions; only in Monte Magic, magic is real.