Super Soccer

Here is a theme in a gambling game that is not something outlandish, fantastical or inappropriate but rather-straight to the point-soccer. It’s a sport that is already highly popular when it comes down to betting so it is highly likely that Super Soccer Slots garners a lot more fans that it is usual for a slot game. Possessing a perfect atmosphere about a World Cup tournament, the game has 30 paylines and 5 reels with 3 rows. The game’s background is a football pitch seen through one of the goals’ nets. Other than that, the pitch of Super Soccer will provide gamblers with free spins, multiplier awards, special symbols and many other exciting chances to score as much as you want. Coin denominators can be as low as 1 cent and as high as 9 dollars. This makes the maximum bet 300 dollars.

The Super Players

Your dream team of highly-paying symbols will be headed by the ultimate star of the squad-the wild symbol that is actually a circle with all the national flags in the tournament with the world wild in the middle. As a wild, it will have the ability to replace the rest of the symbols in the game and when it successfully completes a winning combination, it will double the payout. The scatter symbol is the goalkeeper. Three goalkeepers will not only be more than enough to prevent any of the opponents’ strikes from becoming a goal but it will also activate the free spins, providing 10 of them. The bonus game is called the Knockout Bonus round. Every earning that is made in the bonus game will be multiplied by three. On the bonus screen, gamblers will see many flags on both sides of the screen. Players will have to choose which countries they think will win the first, second and then final round on either side. Every correct guess will deliver a prize. After making a choice regarding the final game, the full earning of the bonus game will be paid.

The Profits of the Season

At the top of the paytable is the wild symbol, which will pay the stunning amount of 25, 000 coins for a five symbol matching combination-now that is what you call a transfer to remember. The 4-symbol combination will deliver 5000 coins-a sum that is considered the top prize with many slot games. The 3-symbol one and the 2-symbol one pay 500 and 50 respectively. The cheering striker symbol will deliver 1000, 100, 20 and 2 coins for his four combination involving between 5 and 2 matching symbols. The gorgeous female American fan will grant gamblers 800, 80, 15 and 2 coins for her combinations. The referee, who is viciously taking out the red card apparently doesn’t take any ransoms and will instead give out 600, 80, 15 and 2 coins for his combinations. Another forward symbol, who is in the process of performing a strike will provide 400, 60, 10 and 2 coins. The last symbol that has four combinations is rather humorous-it’s a player who has unfortunately been hit right in the face with the football, which bears a Brazilian flag. This symbol pays 400, 60, 10 and 2 coins. The remaining symbols are the usual card ones and they all have just three matching symbol combinations. The A and the K give 200, 40 and 5 coins, while the Q, the J and the 10 deliver 100, 25 and 5 coins.

You can be assured that if you manage well the symbols in Super Soccer slots you will end the season on a very successful note with lots of triumphs behind your back and money in your pocket.