The Richest Slots

Wealth, luxury, and entertainment are yours to take with The Richest Slots. Dragon Gaming is the impetus and the creative genius behind this enigmatic five-reel masterpiece. The Richest decides to shower the luxurious life with an Asian flavor, so let's dive straight into the rich details, pun intended.

Become the next Richest Thing

The Richest invites you to build and celebrate wealth through Asian culture. Typically, most games of this nature feature and focus on the American style of things, but The Richest breaks new ground. Going for broke, this razor-sharp 3D slot comes with 243 pay lines that scream wealth and luxury.

Of course, The Richest provides you with a robust pay line system. Here, you can swiftly take command of the pay lines. You can flaunt your virtual wealth and confidence by wagering on 243 pay lines. Or you can admire the wealth from afar by placing smaller pay line bets.

The Richest also provides you with a top-notch coin value system where you can shoot for the stars. The Richest permits you to make wagers from as low as nickel, but you can make larger bets. Also, you get to control this rich experience through the auto or manual play mode.

Discover The Richest's Pay Table

The Richest believes in pampering its members. Here, the sky is the limit with the power and gaming symbols you can use to accomplish the winning feat. The Richest Wild symbol is quite innovative. Sure, the suitcase doubles winning combinations, but it also plays a unique role. Every time you hit the wild, the suitcase above the reels fills up.

As soon as this briefcase fills up, you engage in a mini-game where you get to win one of the four unique jackpots.

Besides the wild symbol, The Richest offers a rewarding and expensive watch with a dragon engraved. You also have six of the high-value playing cards lined in gold. Don't underestimate these playing cards because they pay handsomely when you get three on the pay line.

Moving forward, The Richest offers a private plane that gives you that jet-setter lifestyle. And if you want to experience the good life on a boat, The Richest helps you accomplish this. With the yacht, you can further rack up the wins. Besides the credit card, The Richest offers four rich men as paying symbols.