Win Place or Show

Make no mistake about it, winning is not everything, its the only thing in Wager Gaming Software’s Win Place Or Show Slots.

About Win Place Or Show

This fast paced game comes in three reels with a single pay line. The theme is that of horse racing. The aim is to finish in first place, winning rewards and cash on the way. The game play takes place on the racing field, with the racing track in the background, along with the festive reefs and adornments. All the game symbols reflect this prize horsed raced theme as well. It is important to note that there is no wild symbol nor a scatter symbol. The symbols in the game include single bars, double bars, triple bars, cherries, checkered sevens, a horse shoe, the jockey, along with the championship trophy. General wins are determined from the left of the reel to the right by getting three of a kind to land on the pay line. The cherries land with the most frequency. Getting three to land, will pay out anywhere between five to 15 coins. The championship trophy represents the highest paying symbol. Depending on the amount of coins you wagered, will determine the amount of coins you win. A single coin with a trio is good for 500 coins. Two coins with a set of three trophies, will double to 1,000 coins. And if you land three of the trophies by wagering three coins, you will win the progressive jackpot. The winner’s ribbon is the second highest paying symbol. Again, the value of the coins by landing three of the pay lines, is determined by the coins wagered. The coin values range from 300 to 900 coins. The horseshoe ranks number three, pushing out coin values between 200 to 600. Win Place Or Show, does not come with free spins nor any bonus round. There is also no auto play mode. All bets will have to place manually. The maximum coin value per spin is $1.50. There a single credit and max credit buttons to easily place your bets. There is an option button where you can easily adjust game settings on the fly. Win Place Or Show, is available at several online casinos. You can play practice rounds to get the feel and the flow of the game before wagering real money.