City of Gold: A Place of Shining Riches

Imagine a pyramid of gold and visualize yourself bringing home a big piece of it-this is pretty much the scenario that could happen if you take your chances with City of Gold. The background of the game is spectacular-you see a kingdom made of gold in the middle of a lush tropical jungle. The green and yellow coloration is rich and spectacular. What will really grab your attention further on are the superb opportunities you will get for some amazing earnings. The Amazonian rainforest is hiding an entire city, which offers 5 times 3 reels and 20 paylines which actually makes for a very interesting gameplay that is really not your usual online slot.

Rules of the Golden City

The designers of the game have really decided to play around with the casual rules here, apart from toying around with the exceptional visual design. The usual bet range between 1 cent and 5 dollars are gone now. Here, players will be able to choose a value of their bet starting at the minimum amount of 5 cents and going up as high as 5 dollars. The truth is you will have to recalculate your strategies when you play City of Gold. This is a slot game for adventurers. All in all, the total bet for a single spin will can reach around 100 dollars. The jackpot is also quite solid and if you play your cards well, sort of speak and you make your way through the Golden Town in the right way you can get your hand on 6000 coins, which in return can give you as many as 30, 000 dollars and that would be one hell of an archeological discovery. Apart from the jackpot there are countless other ways in City of Gold to fill up your bank account. The wild symbol of the game stands out, first off with its appearance, representing a giant glowing pyramid and secondly through its several abilities. It has the regular effect to replace the rest of the symbols in the game and it also doubles up the awards of every single winning combination that it helps to complete. Also if you get five of it on your reels you will quickly land the much revered 6000-coin jackpot and that is the treasure everybody is looking for once they step foot in the giant golden city.

Venture in the Money Pyramid

It’s a very different game from what you’ve gotten used to if you are a frequent online slot player but if you are also the kind of a gambler that enjoys taking chances and loves the unknown it is very difficult to imagine a game which would be better suited to your preferences.