Cleopatra’s Pyramid: Treasures of the Great Queen

Featuring one of the most popular Egyptian themes-the one about arguably the most beautiful and popular woman in history, Cleopatra, Cleopatra’s Pyramid slots will satisfy your need for thrills and winning combinations in full and grant a terrific gambling experience with its simple sunny ancient history looks, simple rules and plenty of great surprises. The game has 5 reels, 20 paylines, more than enough symbols for every spin to be successful and more than one bonus games.

Symbols in the Pyramid

The wild symbol in the game is rightfully the great queen herself. As the most powerful person in the whole realm she has the ability to replace the remaining symbols in the game with the exception of the scatter symbol and the bonus symbols. Whenever Cleopatra appears on the reels and assists in the completion of a winning combination the payout of that will be doubled because of her presence. The first bonus symbol is also a huge and very recognizable part of Egyptian history and that is the Pyramid. Whenever Cleopatra’s servants construct a Pyramid on the second and fourth reel on a payline that is active, the bonus feature will be activated.

Extra Features of the Egyptian Queen

When that happens players will see a new screen, which features a pyramid that has 7 levels. Each level has stones lined up on it. A stone will have to be chosen from each level and every single one of them will deliver some sort of an award until the gambler reaches the top. The one thing that you should be careful while playing the Pyramid bonus game is the snake: if you choose a stone and find the snake, the bonus round will end.

The other bonus game is the free spins that can be started through the collection of the very important scatter symbol. The scatter in Cleopatra Pyramid Slots is the Scarab Beetle. You need to catch in your nets no less than three of the elusive beetles in order for the queen to grant you the privilege of free games. Cleopatra will grant you 15 free spins in exchange for three scatters which is more than a fair trade considering she will also triple everything you win throughout those free spins. Take into consideration that the tripling isn’t limited to normal winning combinations only-if you unleash the Pyramid bonus feature during free spins the awards from there will also be multiplied by three. Of course, gather three more of the beetles and you will experience Cleopatra’s generosity once again when she restarts your free spins.

The Queen Rewards Good Service

Build pyramids on the reels and capture the beetles and as many other symbols as you can and bring them to Her Majesty and she will make you one of the richest gamblers in the kingdom.