Coconut Grove Slots: Exotic Gambling with a Twist

As tasty as an actual coconut, this slot game could provide you with the means to buy as many from the exotic fruit as you’d like. Providing a lovely beach atmosphere with tall palm trees in the background and a crystal clear blue sky, Coconut Grove slots really allows you to relax, sit back and enjoy the game. The style of the gameplay also supports a more relaxed approach to the slot-it is relatively simple. The game has 3 reels and 1 payline. It’s not the newest game ever but you can calmly put it in the “classics” shelf simply because of that 25,000-dollar jackpot.

Coconut Beach Earnings

The symbols of the game include a coconut cocktail, a Sun symbol, palm trees and such like. The symbol that players should be paying attention to the most is the cocktail symbol. Get five of its symbols on the reels and you will be awarded 2500 coins. A surprising twist in the rules of this game is the fact that instead of 3 coins, as it is the case with most 3 reel, 1 payline slots, you get to use up to 5 coins. Each coin’s value can reach as high as 10 dollars and as low as 1 cent so the maximum bet possible in this game can be 50 dollars. Considering the game’s biggest award of 2500 coins, your jackpot can actually end up being 25,000 dollars but players will be able to get their hands on it only if they play fearlessly and bet with the biggest numbers. After all, to win big, you got to play big.

Feel of the Coconut Game

Chances are that you are going to feel a little bit empty without any bonus games or special symbols with Coconut Grove. The people who will have the best time with this online slot are the ones who prefer simple gameplay that gets straight to the point and who don’t require anything else except spinning those reels. As any other online gambling game that is simplified, it puts the gambler into its submission and the experience is pretty much the equivalent of being on a deserted island under the lovely sun, the comfortable shades of the palm trees and the numerous tasty hanging coconuts-you just sit back and enjoy the ride without much choice and hope for the best.

Enjoy the Grove

There are a lot of treasures in this pleasant sunny grove apart from the coconuts on the trees. If you shake up those palms, all of a sudden you will see that it is a lot of cash that is falling from them instead of exotic fruits.