Gold Rush: Simple Path, Giant Earnings

Those who fantasize about going on an epic journey into the depths of the ground and locating a never before seen stash of gold will have an absolute blast with this slot game. The animation is superb and all together this is one of the most polished underground places for gold digging you have ever seen-there are lights on each side of the screen, everything is clean and clear. Whether the awards which a gambler might receive through Gold Rush Slots can be equal to the value of an actual gold piece found in a mine is not certain but what is certain that this game will shower you with big earnings. The mines of this game hide 3 reels and a just one payline but the payouts are superb, not to mention the progressive jackpot that can be grabbed at any moment by the luckiest and boldest of fortune seekers. An interesting distinction with Gold Rush slots is the fact that the coin value is always the same-0,20, this makes the maximum bet 0.60.

Tools of the Gold Hunters

In your search for gold in the darkness of uncertainty, the game will bestow upon you a number of different tools, which will do their best to make your online slot mining experience more than worth it. You will have a mine cart symbol, a symbol that combines red cherries and green leaves, a symbol with a gigantic word “Gold” and a red 7-bar icon. The Gold sign will can be a hint for players that a big win is coming their way. That being said, players interested in the game, who haven’t tried it yet, needs to be aware that there are no wilds, scatters, bonus symbols or free spins so if you like an extremely rich and diverse slot gaming experience, you might not find exactly what you are looking for here. The simplicity of the game however won’t diminish the profit it can deliver. The game’s only bonus-the progressive jackpot is quite impressive and it is awarded randomly to a person who plays with the maximum amount of coins and receives on the reels three of the precious “Gold” word symbols. If you do that you have a great chance of being the chosen big-stake player who will be awarded the entire progressive jackpot that has been building up through the bets of every other online player.

Shortcut to Wealth

Much like actual gold mining, the process of playing Gold Rush is kind of simple, no details to be wary of, no various combinations, no bonuses with tricky rules, you just dig deeper and deeper until you hit the bull’s eye and for players who just want to for it with no distractions, this might be the perfect gambling experience.