Trick or Treat Slots

A creepy landscape with a dark sky that will also give you the shivers and a straight up terrifying castle that looks like it is possessed doesn’t nearly do justice to the proper description of the eerie Halloween atmosphere of Trick or Treat Slots. The music, the graphic style and the setting is a perfect mix that can easily unnerve you especially if you choose to play the game in the late hours of night. But enough about how the game looks and sounds even though there is so much more praise that can be spoken. The game’s 5 reels and 30 paylines will provide gamblers with very solid opportunities to gain some solid cash grabs. The game is filled with high-paid symbols, great winning combinations and extra features.

Halloween Symbols

The spirits of the dark castle will bring you gigantic profits thanks to the huge variety of symbols, which might jump-scare you on the reels. The best-paid symbol is Jason. If you land five Jasons in a row, a 6000 multiplier of your coin amount will become yours. Jason will also deliver a payout provided you land two of his symbol on the reels. The same counts for the special child in the white sheet symbol (which sounds just as creepy as it is) and this highly original symbol will give players a 3000 multiplier when its winning combination is activated. The majority of winning combinations in the game however consist of three of the same symbols. There is also a symbol with a boy who is begging for money or maybe sweets and if you receive five of his endearing symbol on your reels, you will be awarded with a 1000 multiplier. Five of the hat of the witch symbols and five of the broomstick symbols deliver a multiplier of 500-apparently witches are not as successful in this particular cursed castle. The remainder of the symbols will give you multipliers between 100 and 300 for a combination of matching five. Trick or Treat Slots’ wild symbol is naturally the pumpkin and as the symbol of the celebration, it has the rightful ability to replace the resto of the symbols in the game, except for the precious scatter. A very adorable girl, dressed in red, with a toy bear in her hands has taken up the role of the seemingly irreplaceable scatter symbol. She has the ability to unlock the bonus free spins round and players will do that at the very moment they collect three scatters.

Bonus Extra Scares

There are two bonus features in this slot. The first one is a gamble option and it will give gamblers a chance to multiply an earning by 2 or 4. You will have to guess the color of a playing card or its suit. The right suit gives you the bigger multiplier. If you are mistaken, you will lose the bet so make sure you choose wisely. The second bonus game is the free spins. The free spins can be activated over and over as long as the cute red girl symbol keeps showing up until you get new three symbols. The free spins are also special because they double every payout that is earned during them.

Find the Treasure of the Ghosts

This will certainly be the most worthwhile scare experience you have had with a slot game. The scares might be big and effective but not nearly as powerful as those rewards and at the end of the day you won’t regret a second of your overall experience.