Cool Bananas: The Multiplying Wild Monkey

Cool Bananas slots doesn’t adopt the innocent theme one might expect when it is solely judged by its title. The background is a simple depiction of a city with a victorious giant blue monkey, dressed in a Hawaian shirt and holding in his hand a blond woman with war planes flying nearby, possibly in an attempt to take down the evil monkey. Whether the giant is evil or not is immaterial-what’s important is that the 5 reels and 25 paylines of Cool Bananas will fully co-operate with you to make you rich. The game offers a variety of winning combinations and solid multiplying award.

Earning in the City of Bananas

There are two groups of symbols with Cool Bananas. One of the groups has well familiar symbols like for instance the usual card symbols which in the case of this slot game are from 9 to A. All of them can make winning combinations on the reels even if we are talking about small amounts. If, however, you do land 5 Aces you will be handsomely rewarded with a multiplier of 150 on your bet. Other symbols in the game include a sunglasses symbol, a city symbol, a pie symbol and a girl symbol. All of these can bring much more profit to your bank account that the card symbols. The girl symbol in particular is of great value. If a player manages to get his or her hands on five girls, they will be given another multiplier but this time it will increase your bet 1000 times. Of course, nothing can compare to the preciousness of the game’s wild and scatter symbols. The wild symbol is the monkey. It can take the place of the rest of the symbols in the game and help completing winning combinations. Its own combination brings the game’s biggest award. Get five monkeys on the reels and you will get yourself a multiplier on your bet that equals 5000. The scatter symbol is the banana. It has a colorful range of abilities too. Apart from being able to provide pay out from every corner on the reels, the scatter banana can get players in the bonus free round. For every banana that participates in the unlocking of the bonus round, gamblers will get 8 additional games. If one gets five bananas, the rewarded spins will be 40. Furthermore, every financial award given during the free spins will be multiplied by two.

Generosity of the Monkey Lord

He might be frightening but this city’s Monkey Lord is also undeniably generous. He is the king of multipliers, of wild girls and scatter bananas and when you bring together all those rewards, it gets extremely difficult to calculate just how big your total earnings will prove to be at the end of your Cool Bananas game.