Holiday Feast Slots: A Thanksgiving Turkey Stuffed with Money

At first glance, you will probably find nothing too peculiar about the look of the main screen of Holiday Feast Slots-just a regular Thanksgiving theme with an impressively polished, nearly photorealistic design of the reels and the menus. However, when you take a closer look you will notice that the chicken on the left of the title sign is running away from the hungry little kid at the right side of the sign. Underneath that little funny touch, there is a fully informative table that basically tells you everything you need to know in regards to details and awards about the game. The game features a single payline and three reels. The maximum number of coins in the game is three and if you want to experience the game’s bonus round you will have to play with all of them. The maximum coin size is 10 dollars, which makes the maximum bet possible 30 dollars.

The Best Dishes of the Thanksgiving Feast

Among the meals you will taste on the reels are a Pilgrim Hat, a Maple Leaf, a Turkey, a Pumpkin Pie and three BAR symbols-a Single one, a Double one and a Triple one. The Pilgrim Hat has the potential of landing you a tremendous award, which can go as high as 24 000 dollars, which is the sum that represents this slot’s jackpot. Furthermore, this symbol’s importance is intensified by its second effect, which is to provide the gambler with multipliers, which can increase the total bet 2 or 4 times. And as if it has not proven to be a special symbol with those fruitful abilities, it is also the wild symbol, which is capable of finishing uncompleted winning combinations and that is where the multiplier effect of the symbol comes from. When a single wild completes a combination, the payout is multiplied by two and when there are two wilds to complete the combination, the payout increases four times. The bonus symbol is the Turkey Bonus symbol and in order to enter the bonus level of the game, you have to land on the reels just one of it under the condition that the symbol has landed on an active payline and that you are playing with 3 coins. When the gambler enters the bonus round he or she will have to choose one of several turkeys displayed on the bonus screen and depending on the choice, an award will be given-there is no wrong choice in this bonus game; if you have entered it, you will exit it a winner. As a whole, every element of this game has the ability to help you emerge triumphant after the reels have stopped spinning. The Maple Leaf symbol can bring you 160 coins, the Triple Bar-80, the Double Bar-50, The Single Bar can deliver 20 coins and so can the Cake symbol. Holiday Feast Slots is great way to set yourself in the right mood for the beloved celebration and an entertaining way to experience some exciting and positive gambling moments.