Birds of Paradise Slots: Wings of Earnings Heaven

A pleasant to look at, calming green color is filling up a beautifully drawn jungle, which is what you have for a background in the Birds of Paradise slot game. It is an environment that is almost as gorgeous as the bird species that is carrying the name of the game. The game has 5 reels and 25 paylines and one hell of a jackpot that amounts to 10,000 coins in a normal spin and up to 20,000 in free spins. The maximum bet is set at 125 dollars and the minimum bet is 25 cents and of course players are highly recommended to bet the maximum possible amount particularly because of the reasonable bet amounts. You are also advised to play with 25 paylines. With Birds of Paradise slots the bigger you play the bigger are the chances for a win, objectively speaking. Furthermore, the whole game will be filled with members of the bird-of-paradise species and this might actually prove to be educational for those who are capable to focus on the names of the birds following the tornado of awards that will devour them. Furthermore, the background music represents a fantastic chilling tune which is perfect for both the gaming experience and making the player relaxed.

Paradise Bird Cash

The birds keeps a lot of potential rewards under those fancy wings and in those big beaks of theirs and there are many easy ways of reaching the treasure. First off, players would do well if they remember the Orange bird symbol. If they catch five of those orange birds, which also function as the wild symbol, you will be able to collect an award of 10,000 coins. Depending on the amount that you have bet you could win up to 50,000 dollars. Another very profitable symbol is the nest, which can grant players 2500 coins. Another prize that will grace players provided they get the right symbols amount to 1000 coins and that is attainable within the span of a single spin. The required symbols are 4 wild orange birds, 4 yellow birds or 5 of the Toucan bird symbols. Apart from that there are also winning combinations which will give players earnings from 100 to 500 coins. Probably the best way to increase your earnings is by activating the free games option. If you do happen to get your hands on the biggest award which is 50,000 dollars, the free games round will double them and you bring home 100 000-you just have to remember to always bet the maximum amount.

Fly in a Paradise of Earnings

The more birds you meet in this fascinatingly looking slot game, the more money will be filling your pockets (or credit card to be exact). At the end of your Birds of Paradise game you will admire birds in a wholly new way.