Jungle King Slots: Rule the Wild Riches

Take a pleasant, money-filled journey to the depths of the jungle, into a setting which will instantly remind you of the homeland of Tarzan and Maugli. If you love the wild atmosphere of the jungle and you are a fan of money betting online, Jungle King slots is bound to satisfy you with its 5 reels, 9 paylines and the possibility of earning cash in 25 different ways.

Players of the Jungle

The symbols available to you are the well-known inhabitants of the jungle such as tigers, monkeys, trademark exotic sights as strange plants, waterfall streams and naturally-some card symbols. Once you get the Big Chief symbol in the first and fifth reel you will active the bonus round. The Big Chief stands as the wild symbol and fittingly so as he proves to be the sole human being in this vast money-making jungle world. Apart from being able to unlock the bonus rounds, Jungle King’s wild symbol will also double every earning you make through the usage of a winning combination. The Big Chief has the ability to replace every other symbol in the game with the exception of the scatter one which is the Jungle. When it comes down to the scatter symbol if you get at least three of these after a spin you will certainly be gaining a reward. If you happen to get it five times (meaning one per each of the five reels) you will increase your bet by two hundred.

Awards in the Jungle

Your coin size varies from 10 cents to 5 dollars and you have nine coins available for playing for each one of your turns. You can bet as much as 45 dollars. The biggest jackpot that you can take amounts to 3750 coins. The runner-up measures up to 1500. If you combine the big bet of 45 dollars with a jackpot like this, you can win just over 300 000 dollars. Just imagine going home with that via a game on the internet. There are three bonus levels in the game so you won’t run out of additional chances to increase your earnings. Once the bonus round is initiated you will see on your screen symbols to the left and nine squares to the right. Basically, you have to match the symbols with the squares and depending on your success you will be awarded appropriately.

Be the King of the Jungle

Jungle King is in many ways the name of the eventual winner of the game. The king of this game in particular will be able to bring a lot of riches to his people, to put it adequately.