Lucky 7's Slots

A game with a classic set up of 3 reels and a single payline, Lucky 7’s Slots offers 3 different coin cases, from 1 to 3 coins and all the symbols are in possession of winning combinations for them. The paytable has 6 symbols and 9 combinations. Coin sizes vary between 2 cents and 50 cents. You can change the coin number by pressing the “Bet One” number and the appropriate section of the paytable will be highlighted. The background of the machine depicted on the main screen is red with the usual lever and button design. Right under the reels, there is a very stylishly put together news feed that display the current bet coin number.

Lucky 7’s Paytable

The combination that pays the least involves a single cherry, delivering 2 coins for every bet coin. A combination of any three of the BAR-type symbols will provide gamblers with 3 coins for a single bet coin. Any two cherries involved in a combination will grant 10, 20 and 30 coins for the three bet cases. The triple combination of the single white BAR symbol offers 20 coins for the case of 1 bet coin, 40 coins for 2 bet coins and 60 coins for 3 bet coins. The double red BAR symbol’s triple combination grants 50 coins for every bet coin. Three of the triple blue BAR symbols pay 100 coins, 200 coins and 300 coins for the 3-coin cases respectively. The triple cherry combination brings 150 coins for 1 bet coin, 300 coins for 2 bet coins and 450 coins for 3 bet coins. There are two types of Seven symbols in the game and they are the two best paying symbols of the game. The Lucky 7 logo symbol’s triple combination pays 250 coins when 1 coin is bet, 500 coins when 2 coins are bet and 750 coins when 3 coins are bet. The best paying symbol is the red seven and it’s 1-coin case combination alone is bigger than its preceding symbol’s 3-coin case one. Three red sevens deliver 1000 coins in the case of 1 bet coin, 2000 coins for 2 bet coins and the highest paying award of 5000 coins for 3 bet coins.

Lucky 7’s Slots is a great classic slot game with plenty of symbols, great payouts and an entertaining visual design that will provide easy and enjoyable gambling experience.