Amazing 7s and Even More Amazing Earnings

This is a fiery slot game in every sense of the word. The animation is spectacular, the background is a red hot color and the reels share a golden shimmering outline every time you spin them. The screen will feel like it’s coming alive with visual splendor and sounds as you are holding your breath in expectation of the next spectacular financial success. The game has 5 reels and 25 paylines, all of which will work collectively to give you a profitable gaming ride.

Amazing Symbols

The symbols of Amazing 7s are not unique but are nonetheless quite profitable if you get them on your reels. There are the Single BAR, the Double BAR and Triple BAR symbols coloured in yellow and bright purple in addition to the Red Cherry symbol, Sevens shrouded in flames and Bells icons. The buttons to play with are curiously different from the majority of other games because there is no spin button. You can play Amazing 7s either by pressing Play 1 Credit, Play 2 Credit, Play 3 Credit or Play Maximum. Obviously the rest of the basic features are there like the autoplay option.

Incredible Pay Outs

The jackpots in this game can make those who are faint-hearted literally pass out or gasp for air in the very least. The coin sizes range from 1 cent to 5 dollars and the maximum bet is set 375 dollars. The game is deprived of wild or scatter symbols which simplifies it a lot but still that doesn’t take away from players the chance to acquire humongous awards. The game’s big jackpot is half a million dollars, bluntly put. You can get this tremendous award by landing five of the Seven symbols on a payline that is active and if you are also playing the maximum bet. Even if you don’t land five of them, the fiery Sevens will still bring you the second largest profits. The paytable that is provided on the screen will guide you successfully through the style of play that you are adopting if you press 1st credit, 2nd credit, 3rd credit or maximum credit. The bar symbols, the cherries, the bells and the coloured bars are in the 1st credit category. The flaming seven symbols belong to the other three options.

Come and Get that Amazing 7s Jackpot

In all honesty, you will play this awesome game for its ungodly jackpot first and foremost but rest assured-even if you don’t end your Amazing 7s game with half a million in your pocket, there will be still plenty of reasons for you to celebrate after you have done spinning the reels.