Mile High Slots: Fly in Wealth

Experience a different online slot with the Mile-High game and earn money in the attractive world of a 1st class airliner. If you ever wondered what it would feel like to own a private jet while playing big with your wealth, this game might just be the closest thing to it. It has five reels, twenty-five pay lines and offers a brand new original atmosphere for its type that will surely entertain you.

Symbols of Sky Life

Among the symbols that will be welcoming you on your journey throughout the game will be a heavily packed suitcase, a passport, a drink, an awkward male passenger, the pilots who happen to be in a very good mood, the gorgeous woman passenger who will be doing her best to keep you happy and others. In addition you have many of the regular card symbols. The symbol that is the most rewarding is the one with the cheerful pilots. If you happen to get five of these in a payline you will get the whole of 8000 coins. The scatter symbol is the airplane. If you spin the reels and you happen upon two airplanes or more you will be able to multiply your win. If your luck is out of control and you get five of them, you will multiply your coin bet by two hundred. You have two wild symbols in Mile High Slots and those are the beautiful stewardess and the nervous passenger. It’s a useful tip for you to know that the passenger appears on the second reel only while the stewardess can only show up on the fourth.

Extras of High Life

You will have at your disposal a free spin option. Basically, when get your hands on three of the airplanes you will find yourself in a situation to choose between twelve free spins during which the passenger and the stewardess will continuously give you the chance to enlarge your earnings twice provided they are alone in a single payline. If you get them both everything you won on that particular payline will be multiplied by four. Another option is to choose between 8 free spins but in that case the multiplier becomes three. Therefore, if you get either of the wild symbols separately you will increase your awards three times. If you get them together you will increase everything you have ninefold. You can imagine on just what kind of a satisfying note you can end a game of Mile High if you make the best of a situation like this. And if that’s not enough there is also a third option in which you get five spins and a lonely wild symbol allows you to multiply everything by 4 and when you get both of them you will multiply your earning by 16.

Skyline Bonus

You will also be given access to a special bonus game going by the name of “Kiss Kiss”. You enter by getting at least three kissing lips in your reels. Then you will have to choose one of the kisses and each kiss holds an award for you, the biggest one potentially multiplying everything you have fifty times. If you choose the “Win All” kiss you will gain basically all the possible multipliers and it’s quite difficult for anyone to guess just how gigantic a win of that kind might be in the end.

Try Mile High

It’s a slot game like no other; it truly gives you wings as you get overwhelmed by all the glorious opportunities that it provides.