Naughty Ninjas Slots: Earn from the Shadows

Naughty Ninjas Slots will grab online gamblers' attention with its beautiful backdrop of a vast city under the starry night and a couple of attractive, hidden in the shadows girls. One of the girls has a green head-band, while the other female warrior is a wilder looking type, with a weapon in her hands, ready to strike. The slot offers five reels and 25 paylines alongside wild symbols, scatter symbols, a re-spin option and many other features and comforts, all of which will work together to turn you into a memorable winner by the end of your game of Naughty Ninjas. The amount for a coin can vary between 1 cent and 10 dollars for one line and the maximum bet for the whole game is 250 dollars for one spin. The symbols are paying from left to right and naturally, as it is the case with many other slot games, only the scatter symbol pays in any way.

Naughty Symbols

The wild symbol is represented by the main weapon of the naughty girls and that is the Bubbles. The wild in this slot game, as usual, replaces all the other symbols with the exception of the scatter symbol when it comes down to completing a winning combination. The scatter symbol is the ninja star. Players should expect it to appear only on the third reel. If the scatter does appear on the appropriate third reel the very comfortable re-spin bonus will be activated. The re-spin feature will fill the third reel, where the scatter appeared, with wild symbols. The rest of the four reels will spin once which will result in numerous winning combinations when combined with the wilds that have appeared on the third reel. Other symbols which make their well-deserved appearance in this seductive game include a monster with one green eye. There is also another monster, which seems to be covered in frost and has red eyes. And there is a third monster which seems to be made out of plasma and has green eyes. Seemingly each of the monsters of those symbols is coming from a different planet. And there are the obligatory card symbols from 9 to A, all of which will bring you different awards in their appropriate combinations.

Make Naughty Money

Being a ninja has rarely been more tempting than it is in Naughty Ninjas slots-you have two beautiful characters to assist you on your missions and if you manage to hit your targets from the shadows, you will be rewarded appropriately with solid prizes.