Princess Jewels

An exciting gambling adventure that is set in a very romantic, fairy-tale like atmosphere, Princess Jewels Slot is a beautiful, polished in both its gameplay and looks game that will certainly deliver all kinds of joys to online players. The background of the reels is the sapphire-coloured interior of the princess’ royal hall. There are five reels with three rows and nine paylines. The maximum number of coins that can be bet is nine too. Coin denominators vary from 1 cent to 10 dollars. The game offers a wild, a bonus symbol and a bonus round naturally.

Tale of the Jewels

In this magical land, far far away, the highest paid symbol of the game is the wild Princess. Her five-symbol matching combination will deliver the top award of the game which is 10, 000 coins. The 4-symbol combination pays 1000, the 3-symbol one-100 and the 2-symbol one-10. The bonus symbol is the fairy godmother-like symbol. You need to receive at least three of them in order to initiate the game’s bonus round. A new screen will pop up and on it, players will witness three different wheels, one being inside of the other. Players will have to spin every one of the wheels. Here is the peculiar part-every wheel has seven jewels encrusted to them. Every single one of those jewels has a multiplier number attached to it. The number can be anything between 3 and 25. The initial number of the multiplier in the bonus game will equal the number of coins with which you have entered the spin. Every time the wheel is spun, your initial multiplier will be multiplied by the number of the chosen jewel after the wheel has completed its rotation. You can guess by yourself just what kind of a monstrous multiplier you might end up with after this bonus round especially if you enter the bonus round with a big bet and you end up spinning the wheels on the bigger multipliers. The second highest paid symbol in the game is the diamond. It pays 300, 160, 40 and 5 coins for its 4 combinations. After that, there is the ruby precious stone symbol. It will deliver 200. 80, 30 and 3 coins for its5-symbol, 4-symbol, 3-symbol and 2-symbol combination respectively. The sapphire stone symbol will grant 150, 60, 20 and 2 coins. The emerald heart-shaped stone pays 125, 50, 15 and 2 coins. The rest of the symbols’ winning combinations pay The tear-shaped golden stone will deliver 100, 40 and 10 coins. The violet stone pays 75, 30 and 5 coins for its three combinations. The silver spherical stone will grant 50, 20 and 5 coins. Eventually, Princess Jewels Slot is a game of lovely to behold symbols, which will feel even better once they form winning combinations and shower you with awards.