5 Million Dollar Touchdown: Football Money on Another Level

Prepare for a big and exciting game with 5 Million Dollar Touchdown and brace yourself for the roar of the crowd all around you as you score big points for yourself and your bank account. 5 Million Dollar Touchdown Slots has a very relatable football theme, which will entice fans of the sport and will refresh the world of any hardened online gambler. The slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines and a number of different extra features all of which will add up to a great money-making experience, which if successful will prove to be even better than the sight of your favorite football team winning an important game.

Touchdown Symbols

The whole team of highly-rewarding symbols will be present on the pitch when you start your match-wilds, scatters, bonus symbols. The wild symbol on the pitch is also the one that has the ability to win the big championship trophy-the 15, 0000-coin jackpot. Other symbols which fully honor the sports atmosphere of this remarkable slot and will also honor your pocket if you manage to get a hand on them include players that take up important positions, some gorgeous cheerleaders, the faithful finger of a referee, the football itself, the reason why you are playing the game-a dollar bill, the goal and the whistle. All of these will be bring gamblers very solid rewards and will form up even more impressive winning combinations.

A Sport for Everyone

This is a slot game everyone will enjoy-from the newest newcomer to the most devoted veteran. The bet scale ranges from a single cent to 200 dollars for a single spin so regardless if you like risks or you want to play safe, this game will give you what you need. In order to activate the game’s bonus round, you will have to get at least two of the bonus symbols. You will basically see a new screen with a football game going on and the more points your team makes the greater earnings you will receive through the bonus game and this might be the closest you will ever become to a football manager in case you don’t have plans of actually becoming one.

Be the Richest Manager

Take control of your team of remarkable players and show them the way to glory. If you keep landing the right symbols and your strategy is carried out in a proper way, who knows just how big of a win you will score and how much the winner prize of the game will prove to be. Who knows-you might even end up getting paid a sum that even real managers might be jelaous of.