Atomic Jackpot: An Award of Nuclear Power

The slot game genre takes a quick trip to the nuclear plant with Atomic Jackpot Slots, the main screen of which depicts the interior of such a dangerous and complicated place, involving plenty of computers, complex machinery and a lot radioactive signs. The game features 3 reels, a single payline and a maximum number of coins of 5. Coin sizes vary from 10 cents and 10 dollars and there are 4 other sizes-25 cents, 50 cents, 1 dollar and 5 dollars. Unfortunately, admirers of slot games with a rich gameplay, stuffed with symbols, bonuses and multiple profitable effects won’t be too satisfied. Atomic Jackpot Slots doesn’t have free spins, a bonus game, wild, scatter or bonus symbols or any other additional prizes such as multipliers. That being said, there is a glorious jackpot, just as the game’s name rightfully hints at, which players can get their hands on if they keep control upon the reels of the plant and work their way around the game in an appropriate way.

The Atomic Symbol

The most important piece of information a gambler needs to know before entering this game is the fact that the most precious symbol and the key to acquiring that powerful jackpot is the Atomic Jar. The biggest prize, which the Jar can grant the gambler is 2500 coins. Those 2500 coins however can grow into 125 000 dollars. Obviously the first thing you got to have is the Atomic Jar symbol and receive three of it on the reels. Also you have to be playing at the maximum bet which is 10 dollars and go with the maximum number of coins which is 5 and both of these factors will amount to a maximum bet of 50 dollars. Multiply a jackpot of 2500 coins by a 50-dollar maximum bet and you get a truly mind-blowing reward of one eight million dollars. If you don’t want to take a chance that big, Atomic Jackpot slots has an alternative jackpot, which will amount to 500 dollars simply through betting 10 cents. And surprisingly, that is pretty much it. Atomic Jackpot slots is arguably a unique game in its genre because the manners of acquiring earnings are very limited-after all there are just two winning combinations in the game and depending on the coin size, coin number and symbol combination that you run with, the award will be different. Atomic Jackpot Slots is most definitely not everyone’s game even though it does offer a suitable deal for both high-stake and low-stake players. The gameplay is nearly devoid of gameplay diversity and that just might not be everyone’s slice of cake, unlike the titanic jackpot that might await the gambler at the end of this atomic journey. It is an award that is bound to bring plenty of gambling fans in the direction of this game.