Blue Lagoon Slots: The Free Spins Vacation

Take a lovely trip to an exotic island with a gorgeous beach, tall green palm trees and most importantly-crystal clear blue water where the greatest treasure that can be discovered isn’t the harmony of a sunny vacation but a lot of money in the form of gambling prizes. Blue Lagoon Slots has 5 reels and 20 paylines and in short-it is in possession of all the ingredients that make for a fully satisfying slot game including a wild, a scatter, a bonus game and an excellent jackpot. The game’s coin size can be as small as 1 cent and as big as 5 dollars. The maximum bet can be 20 coins featuring an additional side bet of 10 coins. All of this combined results in a total bet that ranges between 30 cents and 150 dollars.

Symbols of the Blue Beach

There are plenty of profitable symbols in the game, starting with the Blue Lagoon Logo wild. Naturally, it can replace all the other symbols with the sole exception of the scatter Waterfall symbol. The best winning combination of the game is five wild symbols. If you successfully line up five of them, the jackpot of 3000 coins will be yours. Next in the winning combination ranking is the Parrot symbol. Five parrots will grant 1000 coins. The Toucan symbol also delivers a solid payment of 500 coins when five of it show up on the reels. These are the best three paying symbols. Every symbol from there on also delivers a payout when the player receives five of it but the largest award is 400 coins and the smallest one that one can get for five symbols ends up being 100 coins. The scatter symbol is of great use also. Like in the case of many slot games, it is used to activate the free spins. This is accomplishable through acquiring at least two scatter symbols. Aside from that, the more scatter symbols you land on the reels, the greater your award will be-2 scatters grant 40 coins, while 5 give 2500. There is also an additional bonus game which can be entered after receiving 3 scatters.

Blue Lagoon Bonus

The bonus level starts with awarding the player 8 free spins and depending on how many scatters you used to activate the so-called Hot Penny Bonus, you will be awarded additional spins on top of those 8. The additional spins happen through picks and each pick can either award a maximum number of 3 spins or a so-called Penny. Getting your hands on one penny will reward you with 5 free spins. Two of them will bring 10 but then three of the Pennies will deliver 30 spins. In the common free spin bonus game style, all the earnings you acquire throughout these free spins will receive a multiplier and in the case of Blue Lagoon slots its 3. Overall, you can end up having 38 free spins and tripling every win you get out of them could alone provide players with a suitable financial reward worthy of an entire game’s run.

Blue Lagoon Slots will take you to one of the most pleasant virtual beaches you have ever seen-in the end it’s not even about the fantastic feel and look of it-it’s about the huge awards that this wonderful vacation will bring you.