Butterflies Slots

Set on the backdrop of a gorgeous emerald hillside, covered with a lovely-looking blanket of endless grass, beautiful naturally-colored flowers, Butterflies Slots is a terrific slot with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines with well-drawn and in some cases-animated symbols, which will deliver one prize after another in the equally impressively designed reels. There are certain animations in the game that really help it stand out visually-for instance when the wild’s substituting effect takes hold, a butterfly hatches and flies off onto the reels to the location of the symbols that will be replaced. Otherwise, the game’s maximum bet s 100 coins. The coin value varies from 2 cents to 5 dollars.

Wildly Effective and Wild Looking

You will see some symbols in this game, which are unlike any other you’ve seen so far-regardless if you have played many flower-themed slots or not. Let’s take Butterflies Slots’ wild for instance-it is called House and it looks like something that is arguably difficult to describe. It is a beautiful leaf bent in the middle with a straw protruding from the opening with a flower at the top part of it and a window-like mark on its side-it is indeed as close as you will ever get to a little home, made of whatever you can pick up in a wide green field. You can expect this peculiar wild to show up on the first reel. It has the ability to replace the rest of the symbols of the game in order to complete winning combinations and the one exception to that rule is the beautiful scatter symbol, which is the Flower. It can pay the gambler entirely on its own as it comes along with its own matching symbol combinations from 2 to 5 symbols with awards starting from 2 coins and going as high as 100. The highest paid symbols don’t have any effects other than provide the big bucks but when they land they leave their mark for sure and not just because they look so adorable.

The Wealthiest Fliers

There are two butterflies that can single-handedly make you rich. The one that flies at the top has big, lush blue wings with a shade of yellow, a green-black striped body and World War 2 pilot glasses. It has matching symbol combinations involving 2, 3, 4 and 5 symbols. The 5-symbol one pays 7000 coins, which is the game’s jackpot. The second in rank butterfly has slightly smaller but much more colorful wings-there’s pink, blue, yellow, green. It also features matching symbol combinations from 2 to 5 symbols, with the latter one providing a reward of 3000 coins. The larva symbol, as you can possibly imagine is absolutely cute and has nothing to do with its real-life counterpart. It has three combinations and the 5-symbol one pays 1000 coins. There is also a mushroom symbol-red with white dots on it and its 5 symbol combo delivers 500 coins. And finally, at the bottom of this incredibly profitable symbol collection lie the card symbols from A to 9. The Ace and the King reward 150 coins for 5 symbols. The Q and J pay 125 for 5. The 10 and the 9 provide the player with the smallest 5 matching symbol combination, which his 100 coins.

The Butterfly Bonuses

There are three small bonuses in this gorgeous world. The first one is connected with the Wild-as we already mentioned, when it appears on the first reel it will activate a special feature will replace various symbols on the reels, which will lead to the completion of multiple winning combinations and therefore provide several prizes in a single spin. There is an Autoplay and Stop Spin option also and you can set it to go with any number of spin from 5 to 500 and of course stop that automatic spin whenever you want. Finally, there is the famous Gamble option, which offers the player the choice between suits and colours. The correct colour doubles the spin’s payout and the right suit quadruples it.

Butterflies Slots is a spectacularly complete slot-from its incredible visual design, to its beautiful atmosphere, its perfectly satisfactory symbols and the gigantic awards available.