Independence Day Slots: Earn Proudly

Here is a slot betting game for patriots. Independence Day will make sure you feel as a true American while doing its best to help you swim in an ocean of money after just several lucky minutes of play. This awesome piece of entertainment works through five reels and nine paylines and provides plenty of other fun features.

Independence Symbols

As one might expect the main players in a game of such theme are quite iconic such as Rushmore, the Bald Eagle, president Washington, the Statue of Liberty, the White House and plenty of other symbols you will likely recognize even if you are not from around the USA. It should come as no surprise to you that the wild symbol is George Washington. Rightfully so, the president is capable of replacing any symbol not counting the invaluable Declaration of Independence or the scatter symbol which is Betsy Ross putting together the famous flag. If you get at least two of Ross’s symbols you will get an award. Also, she will give you ten free spins if you manage to get three or more of her icons on the reels. In Independence Day’s Free Spins, everything you win will get multiplied by two. Within your free spins you are allowed to get additional free spins so if you are lucky enough you can get as many as you like. The Declaration of Independence is the one that will get you in the bonus round provided you receive at least three of its symbols in a line that is paid.

Independence Rules & Bonuses

The rules are simple with this otherwise lavishly looking game. Coin sizes varies between 1 cent and 10 dollars and you can bet as much as 90 dollars in a single spin. Once the bonus level is activated you will play an easy guessing game. You will see eight presidents and each stands for a certain amount of money. Then you will be able to do the same with eight cities and then once again but with eight trademark USA locations. The sum of all the prizes from the three games remains for you.

Be Lucky with the 4th of July

Independence Day Slots is a wonderful game with a perfectly engaging theme at its core which will be lots of fun and it will be able to educate non-Americans; it is easy to understand and if luck favors your side you will likely finish the day with plenty of money in your pocket.